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Yadu An Ancient King
Yash Victory; Glory; Fame; Vaibhav; Return Favourable
Yogi One in Million; Devotee; Sage
Yasti Slim
Yatin Devotee; Ascetic
Yajwin Lord Shiva; Strong
Yayati Name of a Sage
Younus Prophet Name
Yushan Mountain
Yaduraj Lord Krishna
Yagyesh Lord of the Sacrificial Fire; Lord Fo the Sacrificial Fire
Yamajit Lord Shiva
Yashmit Famed; Famous; Glorious
Yashpal Protector of Fame; Successful
Yogiraj Great Ascetic; Lord Shiva
Yuyutsu Eager to Fight; Mahabharata Epic Character
Yatharth Reality; Complete; Truth; Proper; Original and Unchanged
Yiyakshu Desire to Worship
Yoganand Delighted with Meditation
Yagnakaya Acceptor of All Sacred and Sacrficial Offerings
Yajnadhar Lord Vishnu
Yudhistir Eldest of Pandavas; Husband of Draupadi; Another Name Dharmaraj
Yaalvendan Ruler of Yaalpaanam

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